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I'm a writer Moon lighting as a receptionist until my writing career takes flight. I am a romance/Erotic novel junkie coffee-o-holic! I Just started blogging my reviews @ anniescoffeebreakbookblog.blogspot.com. I don't claim to be some amazing writer in fact I may not be that good at all lol but I love to do it! I am working towards my English degree right now. I love connecting with people who have read or reads the same books. It's amazing all the great people I have met just because we love to read the same great books and Authors.




If you haven't met Cade already let me introduce you to him. Although he is taken by Bayleigh. Lucky bitch. She is not your typical doey eyed helpless character either. I love her. She is strong independent and has everything going for her until fate throws her a mighty fine new neighbor. How the hell did she get so lucky lol.  Cade is working a case and it's his last case if he has any control over it. He is a lethal weapon with legs/ DEA agent. He was on a mission until a very sexy neighbor comes over in her barley pj's yelling at him for being so loud at the ass crack of dawn, as he is moving in. He was screwed from the moment he laid eyes on her. Cade wasn't looking for anything other than casual sex, but fate had other plans for him and Bayleigh. I really don't want to ruin anything more than what I have. But ladies this book has a great alpha male, and hot sex scenes. An well lets face it, we all look forward to the build up and then BOOM yes... AHHH greatness happens. I find it funny when they are describing what the female character is feeling. (My version lol "She can't speak left with nothing but what she is feeling for him at that very moment. Her breathing becomes gasps as he (insert your hot scenes here) and then she licks her lips before bringing him into....) You get the point lol you find yourself sitting there suddenly noticing your breathing increasing and licking your lips on Q. Liliana Hart really knows how to capture her readers that's for sure. I also read Dane a while back. She never disappoints.  For my full review see me on Goodreads ;)







My Review on Scorched by Melody Anne

Short and Sweet


 I am going to briefly go over the book in this review today.  The first book was like a drug I was addicted after the first hit lol.  Then I read the rest… Now..now I know what you are thinking and it’s not bad. Like I said before I am not here to bash anyone. They were all good and very well written. Although I fell in love with all the couples, I felt they needed their story separate from the rest.  Every time I started getting into Ari and Rafe it would change to Shane and Lia or Rachel and Adrian.  They were all so great I felt they needed to be their own book. I felt a little cheated I wanted more from each of them. But I did love how Melody tied it all together in the end. I thought it was adorable how she ended it. I won’t tell you because the end of a story should never be ruined for the next person.



This is going to be a short review tonight. I just wanted to post something about the last book I read. Now I don’t know how to say this without it coming out wrong or being misconstrued as a bad review, so I am going to leave it as is. The question of the hour would I recommended it? Yes. How I feel may not be how you might once you have read this series. I give this book about a 3.5 only because I think that the characters were wonderful, but as I said before they deserved their own story a chance to flourish into something more. I do look forward to reading more of Melody's books. I did enjoy her writing and think she is good at what she does!








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Interview with a Master

Interview with a Master - Jason Luke WOW! I know I have to watch what I say and I don't want to ruin it for others so I'll keep it short. I have a hard time buying smut books written by a man. But WOW Jason Luke did a fabulous job! I was a little on the fence then the end it what brought it all together I did not see that coming at all insane! Can't wait for the second book=)
anniecoffeebean.blogspot.com I also wrote another review on my blog=)

Come to Me Quietly

Come to Me Quietly - A.L. Jackson 14 hours straight omg. Couldn't put it down!!! Talk about a book hang over!! Now the torture of waiting for the second one to be released this summer! I loved the story of the two of them Aly and Jared. Every girls bad boy fantasy being the girl to rescue a her bad boy being the girl "the" girl for him. Best Birthday gift! This book was released on my birthday couldn't have been more perfect:) can't wait to meet this fabulous author in March:)


Wanted - Kelly Elliott Other than the fact it was unedited and had poor grammar and punctuation. I really liked the story!

Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy)

Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy) - Sylvain Reynard I can't wait!! I just reread the first two. Love♥ I've been using my kindle but I had to buy copies to keep forever:)

Her Knight in Black Leather (Crimson Romance)

Her Knight in Black Leather (Crimson Romance) - JM Stewart liked this book but I felt like there needed to be more or at least a secound book for closure.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - Kristen Ashley 5 stars was not enough! I loved this book packed full of everything!

Pulse (Collide Volume 2)

Pulse (Collide Volume 2) - Gail McHugh I loved it. The book had its moments that I didn't care for but I love it and love love loce that Gavin Blake♥

Beneath This Man

Beneath This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas so I like the book I am currently ready the last one, but Ava is a character I can't fall in love with. I feel like I keep trying to but I can't! the choices she makes and how she keeps running away like a five year old is driving me imsane I want to strangle her. other than the fact she is beyond childish I do love this series.

Entwined with You

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day I can't believe there is going to be a third book I'm so excited! Sylvia Day is an extraordinary author!


Damaged - H.M. Ward I loved it. I felt like it was to short though I finished it in one night. I love watching well reading how Peter and Sidney feel in love♥ but no sex in the first book your killing me!!!! but other then that I like how he was the one person she could finaly open up to.


Real - Katy Evans one of the hottest books I have read this year! !! I'm so anxious for "Mine"