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I'm a writer Moon lighting as a receptionist until my writing career takes flight. I am a romance/Erotic novel junkie coffee-o-holic! I Just started blogging my reviews @ anniescoffeebreakbookblog.blogspot.com. I don't claim to be some amazing writer in fact I may not be that good at all lol but I love to do it! I am working towards my English degree right now. I love connecting with people who have read or reads the same books. It's amazing all the great people I have met just because we love to read the same great books and Authors.

Beneath This Man

Beneath This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas so I like the book I am currently ready the last one, but Ava is a character I can't fall in love with. I feel like I keep trying to but I can't! the choices she makes and how she keeps running away like a five year old is driving me imsane I want to strangle her. other than the fact she is beyond childish I do love this series.