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My Review on Scorched by Melody Anne

Short and Sweet


 I am going to briefly go over the book in this review today.  The first book was like a drug I was addicted after the first hit lol.  Then I read the rest… Now..now I know what you are thinking and it’s not bad. Like I said before I am not here to bash anyone. They were all good and very well written. Although I fell in love with all the couples, I felt they needed their story separate from the rest.  Every time I started getting into Ari and Rafe it would change to Shane and Lia or Rachel and Adrian.  They were all so great I felt they needed to be their own book. I felt a little cheated I wanted more from each of them. But I did love how Melody tied it all together in the end. I thought it was adorable how she ended it. I won’t tell you because the end of a story should never be ruined for the next person.



This is going to be a short review tonight. I just wanted to post something about the last book I read. Now I don’t know how to say this without it coming out wrong or being misconstrued as a bad review, so I am going to leave it as is. The question of the hour would I recommended it? Yes. How I feel may not be how you might once you have read this series. I give this book about a 3.5 only because I think that the characters were wonderful, but as I said before they deserved their own story a chance to flourish into something more. I do look forward to reading more of Melody's books. I did enjoy her writing and think she is good at what she does!








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